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Addressing your concerns one question at a time.

Should I seek professional advice even though my business is small?

As with most business-related decisions, it should ultimately be about the numbers.

You should consider three elements: Time, Cost, and Quality. If outside help saves you time/money or if it delivers improved results, you probably know the answer.

Need help quantifying your problems and the cost of solving them? Let us know and we'll show you how to do it.

Should I try to fix the issues myself first?

If you're reading this, chances are you have already tried to fix them, but in any case, it should be a number-based decision.

Compare the cost (Time + Money + Opportunity) of fixing the problem(s) yourself vs. the cost of outside help and you will have the right answer.

Is on-site or off-site professional advice better for me?

Both have their pros and cons.

Especially in the early stages where work is analyzed and problems uncovered, on-site interactions tend to be more efficient. On the other hand, off-site interactions are cost effective.

Usually, a combination of both on and off-site work is what delivers the best results, and that's why our model has on-site workshops combined with remote assistance and follow up.

When is the best time to take advantage of professional advice?

Even though sometimes it is hard to visualize it, all business problems cost money on a regular basis.

The real question is how long are you willing to tolerate the problems affecting your business?


Will this work for me and my business?

Our method was developed and perfected combining the best practices of large corporations with the flexibility and requirements of small businesses, and yes, it works.

We are fully committed to our part. Are you ready to invest the necessary effort to make it work for you?